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Thu, Dec. 15th, 2005, 01:52 am
Randomstars and various info

Firstly and foremostly I would like to say merry Xmas to all of u out there in the land of Earth. I dunno what I was thinking when I wrote that :P...lol im guessing u have all read the last entry if not i dont care. But now its time for a real entry, an entry about me, my life and my other things.

Ok first off team info, the movie cancelled by unforseen circumstances, like the camera man quitting and taping over our footy. ASSHOLE. Secondly the team has been re-named once again. Yea i kno we change our names more then prince but shut up this ones a collaboration from both sides of the team. We are now Randomstars, I think it sounds kool, the other members think it sounds kool, and it allows for a much more clear depiction of wat we are. We're stars and we're random, deal with it. For next year I'm working on getting a cam, a capture device and a great editing program, to all those that were looking forward to our video expect a great one next year.

On to other news, My dads in jail, I don't think I wrote about it here. But yea November 19th 2004 he was charged with posession of marijuana in excess of the personal limit and was awaiting sentencing for over a year. On Friday December 2nd, 2005 he was sentenced to 4 monthes in jail. I was then forced to move back into this house that I absolutely despise. Oh well wat am I to do, I've been turned down for welfare, no ones fucking hiring me, the government has "lost" my I.D., I'm pretty much outta options. I'm sick and fucking tired of being treated like shit by anyone and everyone in my life. There are only a few rays of hope in my life and only one of those rays has never and probably will never hurt me. Sometimes I just wanna scream in the face of everyone that knows me and tell them to fck the hell off. I'm sick and tired of everyones shit. Like take today for example, I told my youngest sister to do her dishes 3 times today, she finally did them and finally finished them. She's only been doing them since saturday for fuck's sakes. And my other sister bought booze yesterday and she let my 13 yr old sister have a glass. My fucking 19 yr old sis is letting her 13 yr old sis drink. My family is fucking stupid.

Fuck I was so pissed when my sis did that I just wanted to fucking scream and leave, but my grandma was in the basement and it was fucking cold out. And then, I came online wrote a rant about some one and someone else thot it was about her. Like always Kitty is thinking everything is about her. WELL NEWSFLASH U TOLD ME TO GET OUTTA UR LIFE SO I FUCKING DID. Ahem now that thats written, what else to say.

Hmmm I got nuthing...oh well I'm off, P.s. Megs thanks for helping me make that 10 bux :P i really appreciate it, ur still cool in my books.

Wed, Dec. 14th, 2005, 11:46 pm
for all u posers (someone in specific)

This goes out to all you fuckers who go around saying punk aint dead and say u listen to punk but probably cudnt name 15 punk bands if u were ever asked to. This is to all those ppl out there that say they're punk but they only do it cuz their loved one is into it. This is for all you stupid mother fucking dumbass that think dying ur hair, wear leather jackets, and running around screaming is being a punk. Listen the fuck up, A) punk isn't dead your rite BECAUSE ITS A STYLE OF MUSIC AND IT ISNT DEAD UNTIL EVERY PERSON ON EARTH IS DEAD SO TSTOP FUCKING SAYING PUNK IS DEAD YOU FUCKING LOSERS. B) Half the bands u ppl call punk now-a-days are just like u, fucking losers that are posing as something ur not, you all act like ur rebels when the only thing ur rebeling against is ur cushy lifestyles and ur parents money. This mainly goes out to all those preps who are noticing no one is liking them so they throw on some black and white knee high stalkings, buy some plaid skirts, or ripped jeans, leather jackets and band tshirts, run around saying ur cool cuz u listen to thrice or yellow card -vomits profusely after saying yellow card is remotely punk- You think punk is all about semi loud tunes, random screaming out bursts and crazy hair. Well your fucking wrong punk, like goth, is a fucking a) lifestyle and b) attitude. Most of you go to skool saying ur punk and the minute ur home ur in ur abercrombie and finch clothing again, u spend 120$ on jeans that look punk when u can just rip down to ur local thrift store and buy the same jeans for like 5 bucks. Your probably all sitting there saying to urselves, why is he being mean to us, isnt he a punk. NO I AM NOT A FUCKING PUNK, I AM A FUCKING WILL, YOU, YES ALL U PUNK KIDS OUT THERE ARE NUTHING MORE THEN CORPORATE ROBOTS LISTENING TO MUSIC THAT IS PUT OUT BY CORPORATE AMERICA THAT IS ALL ABOUT FIGHTING COPORATE AMERICA. Watch any new punk video and all u see is product placement after product placement. All new punk bunks, ok let me re-phrase that, All punk bands that have videos and are played daily on tv hour after hour minute by minute are nuthing more then bilboards, I bet if i asked most of u 2 name 15 great punk bands that dont have a hit single or arent on the radio or music stations u wud be dumbstruck and go uhhhh im a slave to corporate america i can only name bands ive seen on tv. and why is that because now a days bands arent happy playing small gigs for their tru fans, they arent piling into a van to rip down to the local nite club to play a shit for money show, they are all about the money, they are all sell outs. Now i kno I sound really harsh and your all like Will, doesnt that mean any rich person is a sellout, arent all those famous bikers that u wanna be like, arent they sell outs too because they have tons of cash. And yes I admit some of my idols do have a lot of cash, but most of them wud be happy with out it, most wanna be back in their parents basement working for jack shit at the local bike shop making just enuff to survive and keep riding their bikes. But bands now a days are all like buy our music its only 25 bux come on we need cash...Point in question METALLICA, there are no bigger sell outs then metallica, like come on wat band in their rite mind wud sue their fans cuz they d/led a couple songs. Like their old music that is hard to find now adays was their best and of course we're gonna d/l it cuz most of their other music sux. Most ppl only buy albums to listen to 1 or 3 songs so why not let them download it, ur worth millions upon millions of dollars fuck off for a couple pennys geez.

Well i forget wat i was saying good nite and god bless, and all you posers i hope u strangle on ur abercrombie and finch scarves or become so unpopular u have to hang with real ppl...nite nite and sweet dreams

*this hereby concludes Rant 1 by William Noonan, all veiws spoken in this rant do not reflect the opinions of employees and staff here at Livejournal and if you have any questions or comments, well you can KISS MY SHINY WHITE ASS. Thank you come again.

Wed, Nov. 30th, 2005, 10:43 pm

dear makers of the dictionary...please take the word weird out of ur publication...also place my picture beside the word fuck head...thanks muchly



Thu, Nov. 24th, 2005, 01:55 pm
super fucking serious suckage

holy fuck, its been a long time since ive written in here...mainly cuz my net got shut off at home. Oh well...anyways wats new in my life hmmm...well i emptied my list again so only ppl that i like are on my list now...and none of those other ppl that piss me off are there and they aint gonna be on there ever again...ummm I'm sick and tired and my head is fucking killing me...i havent done anything for the past month cept work and play video games so my life is kinda really totally fucking sucking rite now...I have to go to my dads to check my mail all the time and its annoying me...there are certain ppl in my life that are totally pissing me off and i wish they wud just fucking leave me alone but they wont cuz they're fucking evil and have nuthing better to do then piss me off...i wish everyone cept for a few certain ppl wud just piss off...even tho i maybe ur ur friend...it doesnt mean i have to do anything with u or talk to you...alot of my friends are pissing me off...not mentioning any names cuz im not like that...and i think they are the ones causing my headache....no most deffinately its them...anyways wats new...oh I have a new Fave song, Join Me In Death By H.I.M. you mite all know it from the element commercials with Bam skating on the roof...Its an awesome song and H.I.M. is an awesome band

What else to talk about, oh I told someone I would love them forever but i have come to realize I never loved them at all...I've come to realize that their only purpose on this earth was to hurt and terrorize me and I'm sick of them...they were the first person off my list. secondly, I love someone else but she doesnt love me any more. And I know its still childish to wanna be with them but theres nuthing else I can do because I do actually love them alot more then they kno or will ever know. Oh well maybe to get over them I will have to take them outta my life too, who knows I'll figure something out.

Also, I kno like kno one reads this so whatever I say here doesnt go anywhere but here and no one will ever kno what I have written. But lately I've been feeling, well severely depressed and I have thought about ending my life again, I kno its stupid and wrong and everyone will hate me and ill go to hell. But I dont give a fucking damn what all you fucking ppl think. My life fucking sucks, nuthing ever goes rite in my life NUTHING. Every girl I've ever loved I've hurt and ive felt stupid and useless because of it and then I feel worse cuz they come back and rub their fucking stupid fucking happiness in my face and it makes me wanna just fucking rip my wind pipe out and with my last dying breath tell them I loved them and then strangle them with my torn out wind pipe. I know I know thats sick and sadistic and twisted and I should be locked up for thinking it...but FUCK YOU. I don't fucking care anymore.

If I don't like you or don't wanna talk to you at any given moment Imma fucking say so. If you start to annoy me Imma fucking tell u to fuck the hell off. And if you ever start rubbing your fucking happiness in my face believe me you will live to regret it.

This is Will Noonan signing off...FUCK YOU!

Sun, Oct. 16th, 2005, 02:13 am

KK i wanna clear some shit up rite now...a) I dont love becki anymore, so derick fuck the fuck off u fucking loser b) I may act like i hate my bro but he is one of the best friends i have and c) for fuck sakes i may have a whole in my chest and ppl have told many stories as to why its there all of them are wrong the only reason i have it (and yes i researched this bullshit so i kno what im talking about) is that I was neglected, like my bro as a child and when laid on ur back as a child, like young baby child type thing ur bones are weak and gravity has their way with them and some some children have flat backs to their heads others have dents in their chests. And yes thru the years ive acted like i dont care about it, ive acted like ppl joking about it doesnt faze me, well newsflash fuckers i have a heart and it fucking hurts everytime someone says something about it. And especially today when some punk ass gangsta wannabe son of a fucking bitch cotton picking monkey told me to fucking grow a chest, it fucking pissed me off and so instead of challenging him to a fight cuz i kno hes a dirty son of a bitch and wud punch me straight in the chest probably scoring an easy win, cuz id be dead...So i challenged him to a battle he shud excell at...even tho he doesnt excell at much except being a bitch, but ill give him the benefit of the doubt and ive challenged him to a rab battle...like come on if he doesnt win ill be so fucking angry that ill punch his fucking lights out...lol i dont kno why tho yet...anyways yea...so this is the final time im telling anyone...u say something about my chest and ill fucking rip ur head off

Sat, Oct. 15th, 2005, 02:10 pm

10 years ago I was...

-10 yrs old

5 years ago I was...

- 15 yrs old

1 year ago I was...


Yesterday I...

- was 20 yrs old, 4 monthes and 12 days old

5 snacks I enjoy...

- pizza, garlic bread, mr noodles, oreos, and ice cream

5 songs I know all the
words to...

- miss you, beautiful, perfect grave by social code, My favourite accident by Motion City Soundtrack (i dedicate that song to Kiersten) and Mommy can I go out and kill tonite by the misfits

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars...

-buy a new bike, buy a bunch of new decks for noodles, buy a house for me and someone special (you kno who u are), buy a fucking huge chunk of land and build a massive skate/bike park and save the rest of that money cuz im gonna break something

5 places I would run away to...

St, Kitts, Mission, Manchester, Calgary, Edmonton

5 things I would never wear...

-a thong, a g string, a skirt...wait wore one...damnit, girl pants, a bra...shit wore one of those too lol, a reverands outfit and a clown costume

5 favorite tv shows...

- family guy, drop in, road fools, firsthand, and anything on discovery channel

5 bad habits...

- cutting, sleeping too late, being lazy, eating a lot, and looking dumb all the time

5 biggest joys...

- huge drops with mint trannies, smooth jumps, really great dirt, a smoth running bike and a great cameraman

5 fictional characters I would date...

- Jesus, Virgin Mary (not after me thats for sure :P) any fucking disney hottie, Lisa simpson, and Kim Possible

Wed, Oct. 12th, 2005, 10:10 pm
fucking sick and tired

I'm fucking sick and tired of everyone's fucking bullshit. I'm sick of my fucking cousin getting away with everything and then having his fucking mom blame me for his disrespect. Even though its her fault cause she won't fucking discipline her fucking kid. I'm fucking sick and tired of getting yelled at cause I didn't do my chores because he didn't do his which prevented me from doing mine then getting shit for him not doing his. I'm fucking sick and tired of everyone whining and complaining to me for help and then fucking telling me they were better off before I fucking helped them. I'm sick and tired of everyone taking and taking and taking and not giving anything in return. I'm fucking done with everyone, everyone that says they'll never forget me then they get a new bf (after cheating on me) and then completely forgetting about me...no kitty im not talking about u I'm talking about the one person i trusted more then anyone in my life (besides becki) I told her things ive never told anyone and she's told me things too...and then she just tosses me out like a fucking piece of trash...YEA WELL FUCK U...I'm sick and fucking tired of it. When I was ready to pack it in and move away from this shit hole town I was dragged rite fucking back, not by my aunt no...I was dragged back by my feelings for someone very special to me, and no matter how manytimes i wanted to hurt myself, and no matter how many times i wanted to just leave this place and die, she was always there for me, and I always thot I was there for her too turns out im only there for the lil things, which hey is fine by me there easy to fix, but im glad u dont need me enuff to help with anything big anymore...ive kinda taken the back seat to everything...I've gone from being a best friend to being a friend to being nuthing pretty much but oh well who cares its only will anyways he's not worth anything, he doesnt cry at nite (yes he does) he doesnt feel pain (yes he does) he doesnt get hurt when ppl block him for a misunderstanding (yes I do) nooo hes just will that loveable huggable guy thats always there to help, and I kno i have said on way to many occasions that im not fucking helping anyone anymore...but I fucking care to fucking much to stop helping...so i'm not gonna say im gonna stop...im just gonna ask everyone to stay the fuck away from me with ur fucking problems plz and fucking thank you...I dont need ur fucking problems to fix i have plenty of my own I'm probably in some need of some serious therapy and i kno im not all fucking there in the head anymore and I kno i have been suffering from depression for years but ive hidden all behind my rotten smile, my mask of happiness. well no fucking more I cant fucking stand any of this shit anymore and I shudn't have to. all of you from now on fucking help urselves im done with this bullshit I'm fucking serious

Wed, Oct. 12th, 2005, 12:23 am
to the one i love

She is the one,
the one I love.
She calls me "Love"
and says she loves

I love her more than
she know.
She gives me a squeeze
and I
feel contented.

I sniff her hair,
kiss her lips,
hold her
make her smile.

Seeing her smile,
seeing her
Watching her
makes me love her more.

She will be my
till I die,
and from then
on I will always do.

Tue, Oct. 11th, 2005, 01:41 pm

Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/Username
Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
How will you commit suicide?You will stab a knife through your heart
How many tries will it take?6
When will you commit suicide?February 16, 2018
What will your suicide note say?The voices in my head told me that this was the only way
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Sat, Oct. 8th, 2005, 01:33 am

5 Details about me:
- I'm a biker
- I like to flim
- I'm a photgrapher
- I want to die

I'm alone

5 details about my appearance right now:
im in boxers
i hate my short hair
I hate the dent in my chest
i need more muscle
I want my fucking lip rings

5 Memorable things I did in the past year:
flimed a movie and had it destroyed
had a mohawk :P
almost landed a backflip
gave up on someone i loved dearly (you kno who u are)
almost stopped cutting

5 favorite movies:
Name 5 bmx movies and there u go

5 things that make me happy:
my bike

things that impress me:
the dead
fat ppl
loving a liar
my ability to not cut too deep

5 Things that do not impress me:
the truth


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