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Tue, Apr. 4th, 2006, 02:32 am
cops being gay

Ok so a cop in town has been circling my house for like 5 hours now, and its fucking freaking me out.I just want him to leave me alone :(.

Here's the story, a bike was stolen from a local corner store at 10:30pm, no one knows who did it, there are no witnesses and theres no more info other then the fact that it was stolen at 10:30pm saturday april 1. The cops have targeted the 4 biggest bike theives in town, not a title i carry with pride but hey a man's gotta make a living rite. So anyways they questioned and search my best friends house, found nuthing, they talked to Brian, one of the other main theives in town, he had an air tight alibi, he was at his gf with no proof of his whereabouts during the time of the crime, cept his gf's word. They questioned Chad, but he was working so there's his air tight alibi...so the only person left was me...The person with the tightest alibi in history. I was working bar at the elk's hall from 4:30 pm till 2am sunday morning, didnt get a break ever, never left the building, never left the bar...but for some reason the cops wont believe me. Officer Green has gone as far as saying I paid someone, with the money i pulled outta my ass, to steal the bike. Thats the biggest crock of shit ive ever heard, but hey when ya hate someone ull say anything to get some one in trouble.

I know this will all go away and im just being paranoid, but seriously I'm pissed. Green hates everyone...gah someone cheer me up