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Tue, Jan. 10th, 2006, 01:02 am
Cereal Rant

you know what's ALWAYS bothered me? cold cereal mascots, I mean that is just some FUCKED UP SHIT, the Trix rabbit, for example. I dunno man... if I were him I'd be fucking KILLING some kids. I remember a commercial where the fuckin rabbit WENT INTO A FUCKIN STORE AND BOUGHT A BOX OF TRIX WITH HIS OWN FUCKIN MONEY. fuckin kids came outta NOWHERE and basically fuckin mug the poor stupid bitch rabbit, "silly rabbit Trix are for kids" Fuckin rabbit just sits there and looks depressed. FUCK NO that wouldn't fly with me I'd have pimp-slapped EVERY ONE OF those fuckin bitches and made them go get me the REST of a "complete breakfast" and eat Trix right in front of them bitches and THEN beat the shit out of them some more. and wtf is with the disguises? All the dumb rabbit does is hide his ears and all of a sudden he's a fuckin kid? I dunno about you, but if I SAW a 6 foot fuckin RABBIT with his ears tucked under a baseball cap, I wouldn't immediately think "Hey, there's a cool lookin human kid, let me go over and share some of my cereal with him" NO. I'd be thinking "that's a 6 foot fuckin RABBIT with his ears tucked under a baseball cap... what the FUCK was I just smoking?" another thing... wtf is up with cereal being "A part of this complete breakfast" last time -I- checked, cereal WAS breakfast they show a big ass bowl of frosted flakes next to a waffle, a pancake, toast, a banana, a fuckin grapefruit... who the FUCK eats a breakfast that big I don't even EAT breakfast nomore I mean, I eat when I get up but the whole thought "BREAKFAST IS ONLY SERVED UNTIL SUCH AND SUCH TIME" bitch, you make my fucking sausage and egg sandwich when I pay you the fucking money don't give me that shit.Back to stupid cereal mascots... Lucky Charms. FUCKING LUCKY CHARMS Lucky can turn the fucking MOON into a marshmallow, and he can't escape a bunch of fucking 6 year olds?!?!? C'mon now, Lucky. I KNOW your bitch ass has got to have a "Blow the fucking kids up" spell SOMEWHERE or make "kid marshamllows" and EAT those bitches. "They're after me Lucky Charms!" .... KILL THEM, BITCH! I dunno why I went off on this rant here it's just always bothered me.