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Thu, Dec. 29th, 2005, 12:11 pm
Shall it begin?

So yea I got a new bike, which means next season's gonna fucking rock, Road trips, parties, wooooo this shit's gonna be awesome. Anyways yea, I have to take weight off the bike cuz its like 45lbs which is way outta my pocket weight of 32lbs but oh well shudn't be hard.

Update on my story, so far its going awesome, haven't uploaded any chapters yet cuz I'm effing lazy, but I will soon enuff, Its kinda futuristic, and its my first story that doesnt deal with a guy's family being murdered or ppl being fused with animal DNA.

In other news, My gf is coming to stay at my place for like a week and its gonna fucking rock. LOL anyways thats all I gotta say so I will ttyl

<3 Jessi