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Sat, Dec. 17th, 2005, 01:10 am

Ok well today has been pretty normal, cept for the living room wrestling match, the power nap that was interupted by the cops and the fact that Becki has really pissed me off this time. Oh well lol. ok lets start at the beginning. After school for some reason me,devcor, noodles and paige decided to pull paiges mattress outta her room and start fighting. Anyways after about half an hour of just full out beating the shit outta each other we decided to quit, since my grandma came home, and she didnt notice the matress on the floor...odd. Then Devcor and Noods took off the skatepark fundraiser, and paige went to some xmas party so i decided to take a nap...at around ten i was awoken by cops knocking on my door inform me that paige threw a snow ball at a car,accidently, causing no damage and she was in no trouble, they just thot i should know. Like for fucks sakes thats like me walking to someones house and telling them I just took a shit, like come on fuck. yea So then i decided to play some maple story, but it was full so then i listened to music then i got offline so noodles cud go on and then I got on again and Becki was being like super uber emo and then she blocked me...like i even care...so yea shes being a super bitch and im like a deep dish pizza, cuz im warm and gooey deep down inside me and i care, me and my sis came to that conclusion :)...anyways im bored so I'm going some where lol...oh and Kitty if ur reading this Happy Holidays and such, tell ur bf i wish him a merry xmas too

Mon, Dec. 19th, 2005 03:04 am (UTC)
kitty_black: Awws

Happi Holidays and Merry X-Mas to you too Will. I'll tell Brandon you wished him a merry one too. It was nice of you to mention it. You're really nice.

Tue, Dec. 20th, 2005 09:55 pm (UTC)

if u didnt care u wouldnt have said anythin but okay.. w/e im super emo, who gives a fuck.. maybe sometimes i like to be a bitch so u can stfu k have fun